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ChainLink Web Halo

Protecting your investment on the Web

The ChainLink Halo is a plug-and-play network appliance that monitors all web traffic within a local area network. The hardware device consists of three core components that interoperate and can be distributed to provide maximum scalability. All components are managed through a single web interface.

ChainLink Halo Components

ChainLink WebWatcher

  • Distributed monitoring component
  • Passive packet capture
  • HTTP specific decoder
  • TCP/IP filters
  • HTTP content-type filters
  • Records entire HTTP transaction
  • Captures request/response timing information
  • Log to file or remote logger
  • Log hits to common log file format (Apache)

ChainLink WebLogger

  • Accepts data from multiple sources
  • WebWatcher direct connection
  • WebWatcher log file
  • Proxy Server
  • Web Server
  • Common log file
  • ODBC/JDBC driver
  • Archiving
  • Compression

ChainLink WebAnalyzer

  • Catalog (organize) captured data
  • Catalogs contain rule based filters which are applied to each HTTP transaction
  • Allow for triggers/alerts
  • Search filters per catalog for retrieval of stored HTTP transactions
  • Open API allows plug-in filters
  • "Time travel" to previously recorded HTTP transaction
  • Session simulator
  • Replay to browser or redirect to another server the HTTP transaction
  • Customizable traffic reports
  • Generate common log format customizable to each search filter and applied to any catalog
  • Compatible with 3rd party log analysis software
  • Partial download of only latest hits (only hits not yet processed) to conserve bandwidth
  • Aggregate logs from all servers in one central repository
  • Smart caching of identical objects and user defined time-to-live rules per catalog facilitate long term collection of data while minimizing storage requirements